Fiat Punto

fiat punto Fiat Punto was introduced in September 1993, as the successor to Fiat Uno and is one of the most successful Fiat models of all time. The completely new car in all respects is superior to its predecessor "Fiat Uno". Punto has a front wheel drive, 5-speed manual transmission (with the exception of "Fiat Punto 6 Speed") and is produced with 3 or 5 doors.

The engines are 4-cylinder and except for some minor changes were almost the same as other models of Fiat at that time: 1108 cc FIRE (54 hp), 1242 cc FIRE (58 hp - mono injection or 73 hp - multipoint injection), 1581 cc (88 hp SOHC), 1372 cc turbo (136 hp) and 1698 cc diesel (57 hp or 71 hp turbo).

The design of the car (made by Giugiaro) is excellent, the interior space is relatively large, quite comfortable, with very good soundproofing. Particular attention is paid to the security of passengers and the driver - in this respect Fiat Punto is one of the leaders in its class. Most of the models are equipped with standard power locks, power windows, power steering, and the optional A/C, airbags, ABS are also available.
The car is economical, good looking and easy to drive so Fiat Punto quickly became one of the best selling cars in Europe. Competitive pricing which undercut rivals such as the Opel Corsa and Volkswagen Polo also helped the Punto success. In 1995 Pinto was elected the " Europian Car of the Year".

fiat punto Besides the standard models there are some Fiat Punto modifications: Punto "6 Speed" 1.1 engine (1108 cc, 54 hp FIRE) with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Fiat Punto "Selecta" 1.2 (1242 cc, 60 hp) equipped with CVT-type automatic gearbox. Fiat Punto 1.1 "ED" (Economical Drive) with 5-speed high fuel efficiency transmission.
Fiat Punto "Cabrio" equiped with anti-roll bar integrated into the windshield and an electric powered fully-retracting roof. It and was one of the cheapest open-top cars in the world at the time. Available in both ELX and SX trim, initially powered by the 1.6 motor ( 1581 cc, MPI 90hp), but later replaced by the 1.2 (1242 cc, 86 hp 16v FIRE ).

The sporting version Fiat Punto "Sporting" was equipped with many additional extras and high performance engines.

fiat punto In 1996 specially for use in developing countries, in the market appears Fiat Palio - produced in the Fiat factories in Turkey, Brazil, Argentina and Poland. The car has a harder suspension and protection under the engine and the fuel tank. The standard equipment of Palio is a pretty good for a car of this class and as a option are offered ABS, Power steering and Air Conditioning.
Fiat Punto is produced until 1999 when it was replaced with the brand new model Fiat Nuova Punto.

Compared with the old Punto, it is a completely new car - more than 80 percent of its parts are new and the chassis and interior ware completely overhauled. The car is a leader in its class for the quality and the volume of its interior. The exterior design is also on high level. Great attention again is paid to the passive safety - Fiat Nuova Punto has the highest crash test rating in its class.

fiat puntoLike the old Punto there are a 3 and 5 doors models, all of them with a standard airbag for the driver, front and rear headrests, immobilizer, height adjustable front seat belts. Optionally available are ABS, traction control, satellite navigation system, HGT . All models Fiat Nuova Punto are equipped with five-speed manual or automatic transmission, and the model "Speedgear" has a six-speed CVT gearbox.

The engines are : 1242 cc 8V (60 hp), 1242 cc 16V (80 hp), 1747 cc 16V (130 hp), and diesel - 1910 cc (60 hp) and 1910 cc JTD (80 hp). The second generation Punto has also adopted a "Dualdrive" - electric power steering, using an electric motor, rather than a hydraulic pump. This results in reduced fuel consumption and less environmental impact.

In 2003 Fiat Punto had an extensive changes to it's exterior styling and some new engines became available.

In 1999. there are some minor changes in the model. The exterior and interior design of the car is slightly changed. The diesel engines are replaced with a new 1.9 JTD (1910 cc, 104 and 99 hp) engine, the 1.4 12V motor is replaced by the more efficient 1.2 16V (1242 cc, 82 hp). The Bravo HGT model got a new more powerful 2.0 (20V 154hp) engine.

Overall, the Fiat Punto is a very good city car - economical, easy to drive and with an affordable maintenance.
fiat punto The third Punto generation, named Fiat Grande Punto, was unveiled at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show and went on sale later on that year. Again styled by Giugiaro, the car is using the Fiat/GM SCCS platform. The car it still in production.